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The history of modern metrological service in Tajikistan began in 1926, when by decision of the Tajik SSR in Stalinabad was created a permanent branch of the House of Verification of weights and measures - the office operated until October 1929. In the second half of October the same year by decision of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic for the first time in the Republic was formed state (national) metrology service - the Chamber of Weights and Measures.

From a small unit of measurement today has grown a large public body - the Agency for Standardization, Metrology, Certification and Trade Inspection (Tadzhikistandart), able to solve problems in all major areas of activity of the Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification.

During the period of greatly increased Tajikstandard its material and technical base that allows you to adequately meet the needs of the national economy in the field of standardization, quality control and product safety metrological support of production, verification work, certification of products and services, accreditation of testing and metrological services of legal and individuals.


06/02/2014 Consumer market is under the protection

05/21/2014 There was held a seminar with producers in Tajikstandard

05/08/2014 There were clarified the requirements of the new technical regulations to entrepreneurs

04/01/2014 Announcement of competition "Best Goods and Services of the Republic of Tajikistan" 2014

03/27/2014 Opening of new laboratory - a guarantee of product safety

03/14/2014 CJSC "Sanatorium Bakhoriston" was awarded a special prize "The recognition of business excellence" of Commonwealth Independent States Prize 2013

02/21/2014 Withdrawn from circulation great party of food products

02/05/2014 Imagination and ability of children are endless!

01/20/2014 National standards in the field of energy saving

01/10/2014 About work results of Agency Tajikstandard in 2013

01/07/2014 The results of year are summed up at meeting of Tajikstandard

01/03/2014 Technical regulations are developed and considered in due time

12/16/2013 A large batch of kiwi fruit has been destroyed

11/25/2013 The standard of the Republic of Tajikistan is accepted ST of RT 1020-2013 "Signs of state registration vehicles. Types and main sizes. General requirements"

11/18/2013 44th meeting of EASC

10/14/2013 About the activities of Tajikstandard for 9 months of the current year

10/11/2013 Round table and meetings of scientific and technical commissions of EASC on conformity assessment and accreditation

10/07/2013 Celebration of state language Day

09/23/2013 Regular session ISO General Assembly in St. Petersburg

07/08/2013 Started the implementation of the standard "Halol"

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